About me

Hi, I'm Vishnu, currently working as a Software Engineer at Shadowfax. I'm a part of the team building the Shadowfax Partner App which provides a source of livelihood to over 100,000 delivery partners, working from over 900 cities in India.

I have a Computer Science degree from PES University which was awarded to me in 2022. While my specialization is in Machine Learning and Data Science, over the last four years, I took up multiple subjects in CS fundamentals, web dev and app dev.

Prior to my current stint, I built and scaled hello ML from 0 to over 100,000 views per month within a span of 10 months. Mentored over 150 students, some of whom are currently working with the top tech and finance companies in the world.

When I'm free I like working on my car, giving it a nice scrub, and taking it out for a spin. I spend my evenings watching movies and sitcoms on Netflix or solving medium/hard-ish problems on LeetCode.

On this blog, I plan to write articles on concepts ranging from binary trees to blockchain consensus. Do subscribe, if you think this might interest you.